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Alternative Treatments of Mesothelioma

Alternative Treatments for Mesothelioma cancer are known also as complementary. Food supplements like combination of vitamines, minerales, herbs are often used. Many patients has lower reaction on conventional treatment like chemotherapy and radiation therapy and side effects are sometimes reduced. Some documented positive results can be found in treatment with Iscador, Vitamin C, Ukrain, Ozone therapy - Oxygen therapy (sea MMS Drops) - there are many scientific data that cancer cells do not prosper in a highly oxygenated environment, Cat`s Claw, Astragalus...

Note: Before practicing alternative treatments, please, consult a doctor or licensed healthcare practitioner.

Widely used and with many documented results are also Biological Mesothelioma Therapy and Mesothelioma Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy treatments stimulate an immune response in the body to fight the cancer. Biological Mesothelioma Therapy is used to attack a particular protein or other cellular component or using inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies or other substances.

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