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Conventional Treatments of Mesothelioma

Conventional medicine practice are chemotherapy and radiation therapy in combination with surgery. There are substantial side effects of both therapies because with applicating chemotherapy both healthy and cancerous cells are destroyed. Radiation therapy also damages normal, healthy cells near the cancer. Radiation can be delivered internally with radioctive substance or externaly with gamma or x-rays. Also every surgery has its own risks and recovery period.

There are also other treatments with the goal to relieve symptoms and make the patienet more comfortable. Thoracentesis is a method where fluid in the chest is removed by placing a needle to the chest cavity.
Sometimes an antibiotic may be injected into the chest cavity to prevent the fluid from returning. With these procedures, the control over the fluid is established and they are successful in 90% of patients. Patients can breathe more easily because pleural fluid cause shortness of breath and can compress the lung.

To choose the most appropriate mesothelioma treatment, the stage of disease of mesothelioma cancer should be determined. Different issues should be taken in consideration such as spreading of the mesothelioma cancer (lymph nodes, both parts of the chest, other parts of the body) and other factors such as gender, general health of the patient, patient's age, and his or her wishes.

There are also numerous experimental therapies that are still being tested. One of them is multimodality therapy with combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The aim is to benefit from all three types of treatment and to reduce the weaknesses of each type.

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